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Midway Assistance Program

Our MAP Fund (Midway Assistance Program) is a program we’ve had since 2005.

The MAP Fund is for those customers within the District who need assistance with their Midway Sewer District bill. The Fund is funded strictly by donations from our generous customers.

Thank you to those customers who have already helped out fellow customers with a generous donation.

For those of you who haven’t donated yet, we’ve made it really easy!  On the payment stub of your Midway Sewer Bill is a line, “Midway Assistance Program (MAP) Fund Donation”. Simply put an amount on the line, add that amount to your payment amount, and mail it in.

We forward the donation amount to the Salvation Army, who screens those customers wanting to use the MAP fund, and also disburses the funds for us. Donations are tax deductible, and we accept donations from ALL our customers, businesses as well as our residential rate-payers.

How to Give

Donations are made by adding an amount to your regular bill:

Photo of a form to give a donation


How to Receive

The Salvation Army administers the program and screens applicants.

To receive funds from the MAP Fund, contact:

Salvation Army in Federal Way
(253) 946-7933

Salvation Army in White Center
(206) 767-3150