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South Sylvia Pines Infiltration & Inflow Reduction

Aerial photograph of a neighborhood

What is I&I?

Infiltration is groundwater that enters the sewer system through leaks in the sewer pipes and laterals. Inflow is storm water that enters the sewer system through downspouts or other connections that are directly connected to sewer lines.

As part of the district’s continuing efforts to reduce the amount of Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) into the public sanitary system, the district identifies the Saltwater Estates neighborhood as its top priority in its battle to reduce I&I. Reducing I&I can save the district and ultimately the rate payers a lot of money. We believe a partnership between the property owners and the district is the best way to accomplish our goals. In the coming months the district will be working with engineer consultants, inspectors and the property owners to develop and carry out a plan to best accomplish our desired goals to limit and reduce I&I.