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Unconnected Properties

Previous District Policy was to bill properties within a ULID even if they were  not connected to the sewer system.  A change in District Policy has changed  the billing policy on unconnected properties.

If your property is not  physically connected to the sewer system (you have a septic tank) and are  currently billed by Midway Sewer District, please contact the District.  We  will come to your house and perform a dye test to verify if the property is connected or  not. (There is no digging or property disruption to do the test).

Once the  property is verified to not be connected to the sewer, we will  discontinue billing.  The properties that qualify were billed properly  under District Policy, and no refunds will be given of prior payments.

Please contact the Side Sewer Department at the District for more information or  to schedule a dye test.