Vince Koester

Position 1

Mr. Koester owns and operates a landscape maintenance business serving the greater King County area.   He has an affinity for cheeseburgers.

Jack W. Hendrickson

Position 2

Mr. Hendrickson retired from his many years of service as an electrician for  King County Dept. of Natural Resources (fka Metro) working out of the Renton Treatment Plant.

George Landon

Position 3

Mr. Landon worked as a realtor serving the South King County area.  He had an office  in downtown Des Moines for many years until he decided to retire.

Scot Sanborn

Position 4

Mr. Sanborn, a life long resident of this community, has over 28 years experience in the building industry, running a successful business.

Jim Bailey

Position 5

Mr. Bailey, has over 33 years experience in the wastewater industry.  He has performed virtually every duty a sewer worker does.